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No certain music genre.
The genre is the universe.
Everything flows into it.


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NWMUSIC: Feedback-Formular

Mixed and Mastered


For me, creating music is a process.




I want to pick you up from your certain state and go with you until we’ve 'mastered' your journey. 

I want to thank NWMUSICPRODUCTION for mixing and mastering my tracks to a gigantic level and bringing my sound fully alive. Working with Nils is special and not industry like. He understood my music and feelings and unfolded it's full potential and didn’t fall back to standards - he made future.


nils weber drums


When I think back to my earlier years, I remember this already deep connection to all kinds of music. Hearing my favorite records up and down and on and on, I’ve started to realize that there is rhythm in my veins.


And this rhythm fuckin’ wants to go out.


Even nowadays I can hear: “learn to play the guitar – you’ll have much more possibilities”. But there was always this strong will to listen to my own feelings.


So with a lot of convincing power in front of my parents, a big amount of my own savings, as like part gifts of my whole family, I finally could afford my

own beautiful little drum kit. I remember it was like christmas, birthday and all holidays together. I loved it from the first day on. 

Pretty close to this, I’ve started to play with my 7 years older brother and his friend as a Rock’N’Roll trio. Damit, could life be cooler? No, these times couldn’t have been more fun for me. I remember my first beer in the rehearsal room, concerts in different cities, recording studios and hanging out with this cool older dudes.


Man, I was in the best band that I could have had imagined.


Sadly but pretty common I think, over the years, everybody went for his own path and so the music slowly disappeared out of my life.

The next years I’ve spent a lot of my time with school and studying. When I’ve finished my academical path in economics in Frankfurt am Main, something pulled me to Berlin. It didn’t took many months till the city and it’s artistic charm had brought me back to music.


It was October 2017 when I got Ableton and continued my musical journey.


With a lot of rough years, in the dark and also grey Berlin city, while running several times out of money, losing my flats and more daily challenges, I’m finally at the place where I can create my own music as a musician and produce, mix and master for my customers as a profession. 

Finally and the first time of my life, I can say: “I’m here – I’ve found what I’ve searched for all this years”.


From here on, I wanna share my further path, cause I’ve learned the hard way: together it’s much more fun. 


So, let’s rock baby!

Music is always about producing feelings.


Any kind has it’s own certain beauty inside and I love the journey to find this beauty and let it shine in it’s most gorgeous way. Let’s make a picture of this special moment to finally share it with everybody.

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